• No need to use battery

    Lithium ion internal rechargable battery can be recharged hundred of times saves you money.

  • High Quality Design

    We have produced a durable, high quality design that has been value engineered for low cost and high performance.

  • Operating time of the device

    50 hours on a single charge with the possibility of this device You can charge in 3 hours

  • Which can be used in surface

    The device can easily be used on the surface of concrete and all kind of tiles.Glazed tile, tile, marble, concrete, masonry ets.

  • Good quality stereo headphone

    With sensetive listening ability you can not be affected by external noises because an external noise canceling filter and comfortable headphone

  • With ZX-888 water leak detector

    It’s a water detecting system that claims to spot leakages without having to break the walls.

    You can detect Slab Leaks, break pipes

My friends are using this product in Ireland at the end I bought one the other brands do not understand why it's so expensive thanks.

John Doe
David Anderson

Realmente una gran herramienta en nuestro pais no cuenta con este tipo de dispositivos tanto o muy caro, gracias.

Jane Doe
Paulo Caixeta

I believe many of my friends have suggested, but he said a new experience. In fact I have a wonderful 10 minutes a leak detection.

Jimmy Doe
John Marco
Miami FL

Watch Trailer Zx-888 Video

Zx-888 you can find leakage point leak detection in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets within a period of 30 minutes.

This device increases the sound of leaking water thousands of times, therefore it allows us to hear the sound easily. The high-gain amplifiers gives us the ability to detect even very weak leaks

Every Plumber getting best result with zx-888 this device successful working

  • This device will be the biggest help to find all types of leakage.
  • This device working with acoustic piezo sound system
  • ZX-888 Acoustic Water Leak Detector has an ultra sensitive hearing

best result for water leaks

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You will not find in hardware stores Zx-888 Water Leak Detector

slab leaks

The best and easiest way

So many plumbers cant found break pipes If dont using a water leak detector buy now

Good working zx-888 slab leak detections and wall leak detections

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water leaks best results
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